Hello I’m Kirsty

I’m a lifelong lover of dogs, the great outdoors, running and walking. Ten years ago I decided to pull this all together into a dog walking business.

But I wasn’t content to provide only a basic dog walking service. I have so much more to offer, and like the dogs in my care, a lot of energy! So I decided not to just walk dogs, but offer double length walks, and run them. And not just walk and run them, but give them a unique and fantastic experience so they return to their owners well cared for, well exercised and well, happy!

Over the years my company and team has grown. I personally ensure that every day a dog is with us they have fun, attention and are challenged and cared for.

Often seen outside late into the night with my torch cleaning my van, I deliver a spotless and efficient operation that has become my life. I take pride in everything we do and install my team with the same level of passion and commitment so that I return happy dogs to happy owners, every time.

We operate virtually all year round so I can be flexible and supportive of the needs of my loyal customers and ensure I’m always there when they and their dogs need me.

I love what I do and only want to deliver the very best experience possible. That’s what Charlie Brown’s stands for, and what has driven our success.